Counselling offers you the opportunity to explore the anxiety, grief, shame, anger and other distressing feelings associated with difficult life experiences, depression, bereavement or relationship problems. Removed from the worry of overburdening or hurting other members if the family and friends, counselling offers you attentive listening. You will have the opportunity to feel heard from your own point of view and also possibly helped to see things more clearly from a different perspective.

Relationship counselling can help support couples and families to work through problems large or small.

Psychotherapy offers you the opportunity to address longer-term mental health problems and behavioral patterns. You will be accompanied on the journey of increasing your self-awareness and personal development, as well as addressing the origins of your disturbing experiences, you will have the opportunity to explore where these disturbances themselves maybe trying to show you a path towards your future potential.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a method that imitates the naturally occurring rapid eye movements of dream sleep, to help process the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress. It also helps clear the disturbing symptoms of:

Anxiety based disorders — (including panic attacks).

Obsessive Compulsive Disorders


Abuse – (verbal, physical and sexual)

Rape and sexual assault

Self-esteem issues

Performance anxiety



EMDR is a way of working, which speeds up the therapeutic process. Recent Research [] found that, in four out of every five patients treatment was successful or the patients showed much improvement and four out of five patients required 12 or fewer sessions to achieve beneficial results. Please contact me for further information about EMDR.

Hypnotherapy is a beneficial psychological therapy that employs an altered state of awareness to access our full inner potential. I usually use hypnotherapy when the work is specifically focused on weight reduction, or to help you stop smoking.

Counselling, Psychotherapy and EMDR all involve meeting regularly at agreed intervals. Each session lasts for 55 mins. I usually treat the first session as a one off, in order to explore the nature of the issue/s you are bringing. We can then determine together your exact requirements and make a start at helping you get your needs met. If we both feel comfortable and decide to proceed with the therapy, I usually recommend 6 sessions followed by a review. Occasionally fewer sessions are required.

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